Erin Robertson

Erin Robertson is an_artist and designer interlaced in Provo, Utah. Robertson was embroidered upon Boston, Massachusetts in 2005, and by (2011) she had stitched herself into the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she was bound to study Fashion and Fiber Art, and where her work was well-suited to the tastes of the CFDA Scholarship award committee. In 2016, Robertson made a seamless transition to the cast of Project Runway Season 15 - and didn’t fold under pressure in her pursuit of victory. She made it work - the fun way. 

Pinned nowadays to her newly-drafted studio headquarters, Robertson yokes together a tight-knit community of interdisciplinary / multimedia artist friends in Boston. Needled by looming environmental and political issues, she threads sustainable works in collaboration and dialogue with the world-class hub of innovation, MIT. At the apex of art and technology, lies the greatest point of cultural leverage & necessary invention.  Like the mythological seamstress Arachne, an Erin’s tapestry is simultaneously satirical & sublime - a serious joke.
Robertson’s work - intricate, amusing, with perversely sophisticated appeal, seeks to surprise and delight. Surfaces shimmer with intentionally exaggerated sculptural embellishments that weave an almost self-satirical skein of coded logic, tailored to the female gaze.

Erin Robertson is a fine art fashion designer and textile artist from Provo, Utah. Robertson moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2005 to become a dental assistant, but her mentor, Dr. Porsche, encouraged her to seek out a more creative path. During her time as a student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Erin double majored in Fashion and Fiber Art, and was awarded the CFDA Scholarship for fashion students during her sophomore year.

Erin's artwork is influenced heavily by collaboration with her tightly-knit community of multimedia artist friends in Boston. Immediately after graduation in 2016, Erin joined the cast of Project Runway Season 15. After winning the season, Erin has returned home to Cambridge, MA, to focus on private commissions and her application to MIT, where she hopes to study sustainable textile technology.

nasturtium celebration

It was an honor and privilege to be part of the Gardner's annual celebration of Spring and viewings of the Hanging Nasturtiums displayed in the Courtyard. This year’s celebration honored the life of New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, who considered the Gardner to be his spiritual home. Collaborating for the first time with my close friend Christian Restrepo, we created a five piece body of work inspired by Gardner's collection, honoring her as a supporter of the arts, and making Boston a base for contemporary art and artist.

Laser cut strips of hand woven brocade, inspired by Bill Cummingham and his street style photography that captured patterns and repetition in trends, paired with Isabella's quirkiness where she paired brocades that matched but didn't match.
Laser cut then heat formed plexiglass with glass beads applied onto a wool kimono with a floral lace appliqué. A recreated Project Runway technique (guitar pick and mealworms)  inspired by the garden and Isabella's quirkiness.
This piece is the first time the two of us have collaborated on a garment, we were so excited to be able to do this event together, that we drew our inspiration from the Nasturtium. Collaboration is the future, and working together is stronger than working individually, It pays homage to Gardner who collaborated and supported artist like Sargent and turned Boston into an artistic and contemporary city.

Directed by: Dillon Buss
Designers: Erin Robertson & Christian Restrepo
Hair: Patty Martin & Dayna Gamba
Make Up: Michaela Bosch
Models: Mouce, Annabelle Wallin, Miles Grover, KJ Schel, Nicole L'Huillier
Music: Andrea "Work The Middle" (Kodak to Graph Remix)
Photographer: Matt Teuten